Best Stock Photo Sites for Creative Professionals and Businesses

High-quality photos are not hard to come by. Thanks to reliable stock photography sites, you can fill your creative projects with kaboom pics that can capture your viewer’s attention. Your social media and blog posts deserve high-resolution photos. Don’t settle for the limited choices that Creative Commons offer. The best stock photo sites boast extensive collections of stock imagery for every style and theme.

Stock image websites allow you to purchase an image under the right license. Royalty-free photos can be used in any project for as long as you like, while rights-managed give you specific rights to use the image. You don’t need to hire photographers to create beautiful photos for your projects. Simply look for microstock agencies that fit your needs and budget. Read more list here.

To help you with your pursuit, here are some of the top stock image websites for creative professionals like you.


    Stock Photo Secrets Shop is a budget-friendly stock photography site that specifically caters to small and medium-sized businesses. It is also an excellent resource for creative professionals who are looking for high-quality photos at affordable prices. The website has over 4 million image files in their collection under flexible plans and image packs. They also feature the famous 99 Club plan that allows you to download 200 hi-res photos for only $99.

    As one of the first microstock agencies, iStock sells royalty-free photos with high commercial potential. You can find exclusive stock imagery in their highly-curated library. All images are divided into two collections: Essentials and Signature. The Essentials collection hosts budget-friendly photos for every need. It allows you to buy a picture with both credits and subscriptions. On the other hand, the Signature collection offers only the best photos. Some of them are even exclusive to the stock site.

    If you are looking for a more extensive library to browse, Shutterstock is the stock photo site for you. It has over 190 million files in various themes and styles. You can buy an image through an image pack or subscription plan, whichever suits your needs and budget. You can also save money with awesome coupon codes from reliable affiliates, such as Stock Photo Secrets.

    Adobe Stock is home to high-quality photos for commercial and non-commercial use. Owned by design software giant Adobe, the stock site is fully integrated into any Creative Cloud platform, allowing you to access over 80 million images within your favorite design app. It also works as a standalone website, so you can still access their content even without a CC application.

The above stock photo websites offer high-quality photos for your social media and blog posts. They are also budget-friendly, so you don’t have to break your bank. If you are looking for premium collections, you can download from the image websites. They provide high-end photography, also known as the best stock photos.


    Photocase is home to unique stock photography. You can find the best authentic stock photos in their curated library. The stock image site has super tight curation and strict review standards, so you can expect only very high-quality images. If you want unique premium photography, this is the best option for you.

    Getty Images is the most prestigious stock photo agency in the industry. They have a varied catalog filled with first-class photography for commercial and non-commercial purposes. They have a great selection of royalty-free images. You can also buy stock photos under Rights-managed license. Furthermore, you can find an extensive collection of editorial content in the library.

    For a more affordable premium offer, iStock has a Signature collection that contains royalty-free images you cannot find in other stock photo agencies. You can download the photos you need with on-demand credit packs and subscription plans. They are an excellent fit if you are looking for high-resolution images at affordable prices.

The best stock photo sites do not always have to be expensive. Many of them offer high-quality photography at affordable prices. You just have to choose one that fits you and your needs the most. For social media and blog posts, we recommend downloading from Photocase. They have a unique collection of premium images that you won’t find in other stock image websites.



What are the Best Stock Photo Sites for your Website?

Having the right stock images in your website is important to its success. Stock photography spices your page and converts visitors into avid readers and customers. Since conducting your own photo shoot and hiring a photographer can be really expensive, buying royalty-free images has become a popular choice. Many creative professionals use them in their projects, including web design. Its growing fame has led to the rise of many stock photo websites, making it more difficult to choose the best.

To help you save time and effort from searching your next image source, here are five of the best stock photo sites in the market. You can find a full list of best stock photo sites here:

  1. Shutterstock: With over 210 million royalty-free images in their library, it is hard not to include the stock site in the list. Over 1 million are added every month, so you get plenty of fresh choices regularly. Their huge collection of stunning content comes at straightforward prices, too. Furthermore, as soon as you sign up for Shutterstock, you get free high-quality photos every week.
  2. iStock: If you want to do less searching and more finding, iStock is the stock site for your personal and commercial purposes. They’re easy to navigate website and advanced search tools allow you to save time and energy. Aside from royalty-free stock photos, they also offer various assets that will make you stand out. These include vectors and illustrations. Free stock files are also available for subscribers.
  3. Adobe Stock. Adobe’s pride, the stock photo site offer the most inspiring high-quality images in the market. To date, they have over 80 million royalty-free images that you can license, access and manage directly within your favorite Creative Cloud application. Yes, that’s right! You don’t have to spend so much time on reworks. You can show clients your work with the watermarked images and get their approval before you finish them.
  4. Getty Images. Although on the high-end side, Getty Images has always been one of the best stock photography sites for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Their collection includes stunning curated creative stock images that cover all topics and genres. The stock agency boasts spectacular royalty-free stock images at flexible pricing. You can even mix and match the images with videos.
  5. Stock Photo Secrets. SPS do not only offer coupons to their avid readers. They also have millions of handpicked premium royalty free stock photos. Their 99 Club promo allows you to download 200 super high-resolution images per year with no monthly download limits. Wait, there’s more! The agency is a one-stop shop. You can find all information, news, updates and tutorials on everything stock in the website, too.
  6. Easy and fast solution if your website runs on WordPress and you need photos for your blog.

If you wish to take a deeper dive on the best stock photography sites listed, visit and read detailed reviews about each one of them. You can compare them and decide which will be the best for your project. All information about the stock photo websites is available in one place. Just hover over the Stock Agencies menu, click Stock Agencies Reviews and choose a stock site you want to read about.

When it comes to creating a successful website, remember to stay away from free photos in the internet. If you cannot afford a photographer, get stock images from paid stock agencies. They include a royalty free license that is suitable for personal and commercial purposes. Free photos come with a high risk that could damage your reputation and empty your pockets.

What are you waiting for? Find the royalty-free stock photos from one of the best stock photo agencies in the market. Ditch the free images from the web, creative commons, and public domain, and get stock imagery with the right license.